The year I lived at Buffalo House represents the best decision I ever made, the decision to go to any lengths to stay clean and sober. Of course it is a decision that I can't really claim credit for, since I'd turned my life and my will over to the care of God... as he expressed himself through my AA sponsors!

A year may seem like a long time, but not when compared to a 15-year using career.

Looking back I realize that living with a bunch of other men in early recovery for an extended period of time was the gift of life. The experience allowed me to become immersed in meetings and the steps, re-learn the value of service, and ultimately rejoin the community as an asset instead of a liability.

Today was another 24 hours spent without the need to use mood-altering chemicals. And unlike the old days when minute seemed like hours and days seemed like weeks, this 24 hours went by in a flash. There are so many things left to be done.

Tom M. (1999, Resident #1)

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