About The Buffalo House Team

About Our Name

Make Sober Living A Lifetime Expierence

The buffalo is a survivor. His species has endured across millennia. He will fight for himself and for the defense of others in his group. Building upon this, the Buffalo Sober House instills in its residents the tools for self-preservation, endurance, and mutual support. Just as a group of buffalo bands together, the level of support and accountability offered through the lifestyle at the Buffalo Sober House sustains and empowers those in recovery. On his own the buffalo is strong, yet vulnerable. With his herd surrounding him, defending him, and fighting at his side, the buffalo is one of the most robust and formidable creatures on Earth.

At the Buffalo House we offer independent living with accountability. The Buffalo House is a place to take the next step towards a new life, and a place to make friends that will help support you and your journey. We expect residents to be working a program of recovery including attending four meetings outside the house and the house meetings, additionally meet at least weekly with a sponsor to do step work. In addition, residents should have at least one outside volunteer commitment and have full or part-time work or be a full time student.

What makes the Buffalo House Special: Dignity! You can have your own space while at the same time sharing a home with other men taking control of their lives.